5 easy checks you can do to test the accessibility of your website

At Inclusight, we believe the digital world should be accessible for all, no matter your abilities. Luckily, web accessibility is not a rocket science. This is list of 5 easy checks you can do to test the accessibility of your website.

Juliette holding a paper saying "Accessibility Act"

Check#1: Select all text and copy it into a word processor

If your content does not make sense, it will prevent people with reading difficulties to understand it.

Check#2: Turn down the contrast on your screen

This situation is faced by people with visual impairment. Check if you can still read the text properly.

Check#3: Fill out a form using your keyboard only

This situation is faced by blind people on a daily basis. Try to fill out the form by only using your keyboard. Check if you can go to the entire form and if you can get to all items in any of the drop-down lists.

Check#4: Use the largest font size allowed by a browser

Check that the text does not dissapear or gets cut off. Sometimes columns and sections overlap, the space between lines disappears and lines of text become too long. Be sure that text, images, and other content do not overlap. All buttons, form fields, and other controls should be visible and usable.

Check#5: ‘Listen’ to video or audio content with the volume turned off

Ensure your website supplies subtitles or written transcripts so that this type of content is accessible to hearing impaired users.


*The checklist above provides a highlight of items that ought to be reviewed on your website. For a complete list of items, you can visit the W3C’s Easy checks – a first review of Web Accessibility