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Inclusion of disabled people is our core vision. We believe they are the best at telling you if your website is easy to use for them.

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Getting insights from disabled people is the best way to make sure you are making your product usable for all of use. Our Inclusight community is made of assistive technology users and people with any kind of impairment affecting the way they use technologies.

Accessibility audit

Our Inclusight experts provide you with an a audit on the accessibility of your website so that your web developer can make improvement and make sure you do not miss any customer.

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You may know anything about web accessibility. That’s why we provide you with the best service so that you can understand what’s important to do to open your business to a wider market. Arrange a 1 hour meeting with one of our Inclusight expert.

Why making sure everyone can use your website?

Include everyone is important
Inclusion is everyone's business

Failing to provide customers with accessible websites cost UK retailers £11.75 billion last year according to the Click Away Pound survey.

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About us

Inclusion of people with disabilities is the core of our vision

Juliette Piazza

My mother has been living with multiple sclerosis since age 13. Because of that she struggles with technology


Web accessibility specialist
John is a web accessibility specialist with many years of expertise. As a blind person he is using a screen reader to browse the web. He is the best to tell you if your website works for him.


Technology consultant
Francois is passionate about web development and he is always ready to tackle new challenges

Inclusight community experience

Inclusight is empowering people with disabilities by giving them a chance to raise their voice

Inclusight is semi finalist of the 2017 European Social Innovation Competition

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